Yoga in Thailand

Today it is the 27 of januari.

Time passes so fast.

I will leave this paradise in 3 days.

I am on the island of Koh Pangan in Thailand.

It is 27 years since I first came here, 27 years!!

To Koh Samui I had already been a few times.

We rented a house there on Samui 1986. My youngest son was 2 years old.

Two years old, so cute, so lively. Everybody loved him.

They love mixed children in Thailand, they love children.

His father is from Malaysia , he could be from Thailand.

I was alone with our son at the island of Samui for month.

I wanted to be there, to be able to be with him and I did not have to leave him to

the daycarecenter. on the beach on Samui my son was free, playing with the water, sand,

coconuts, poring water. We had a good time there!

I had a stove wich I used charcoel and cooked on or we went to the restaurant wich my friend had.

We loved it there.

The freedom, the sand, the water, the people, the coconuts.

Everybody knows Koh Pangan because of the huge fullmoonparties, now 10-30000 comes every month.

This time I came because I new there where a lot of yogaplaces there.

First I got very sick and had to rest and sleep.

After that I went to the beach where there is more yoga and concious people.

I rented a motorbike, drove around with the wind inn my face and in my hair.

I practised yoga, it felt very good to do it led by somebody else, every day.

My meditation became much deeper.

Inside feeling content and happy in the moment.

Seing beautiful sunsets on the beach.

Now I am back in Sweden, outside there is snow.

My youngest son is happy to be with me and I with him,

fast back to routines with cooking food, homework.

Tomorrow I have my first yogaclass this term.

I do have a lot of new nice beautiful jewelries to arrange and sell.

I feel stronger,

have a nice suntent.

I am greatful for Thailand, greatful that I can travel, greatful for life and its opporunities,

greatful for me being in the moment doing my yogapractise and meditating.

I know more than ever since I was so weak and lonely when I was sick

that the Universe and my Master takes care of me, always.

Love peace harmony I wish all living beings


They love mixed children in Thailand, they love childen.



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