In Thailand most of the people are Buddist
For me Buddist are nice friendly people
I am not a fan of religions
I beleive in spiritualitykao sarn rd 085
every religion is filling a purpose for the people practising it

But Buddism is more like filosophy and psycology
knowledge of the human mind
very old knowledge
and they go deep in there studies
Well, I don´t necessary mean the people of Thailand
they do have a respect for other people
it is easy for them to smile
that is why they call it the land of smiles
BUT I have seen Thailand change so much
since the first time when I came there
Mkao sarn rd 085oney has also start to controll them
there are soo many tourist now visiting my beloved Thailand.
I cannot really get it
when I first came there it was only small sandy roads
every little beachplace had there own generator
very often the light turned off
The bungalow was build of wood with palmleaves as roof
I slept on a simle madrass on the floor

Now the que is long , broad and huge in the passport controll
people from everywhere entering in to the country, daily
Koh Samui that was my paradise on earth
is now so crowded with people from all over the world
the traffic is heavy
you can find very very expensive hotels and bungalows
you can find spa and expensive restarants
of course, if you know the island you can still find some nice calm places
the sad thing is that I have seen the smiling frindly people change
they are often still smiling a
and still often very polite

I can nearly get the feeling how european countries
colonized poor countries

, I know tourism brings money
a lot of people , specially people that own land,
has made a lot of money because of the tourist
but everybody don´t get rich
people in the countryside they cannot live from the tourist
But , maybe they are more free?
don´t have to smile to somebode they don´t feel like smiling at.

Back to Buddism,

I have met The Dalai Lama 3 times

He is impressive

He is doing a lot of good things for the world

He is smiling

He is humble

He is polite

He is not revengful, not even to the Chinese

They beleive in reincarnation and Karma

If more people in our society beleived in Karma and reincarnation

I am sure it would be much lesser crime and abusment

The Tibetans always bow to another person

What about if we should bow our heads a little bit

in respect to other human beings

Bow , to be a bit humble.

ow, to feel thanksfulness.

How should our society be then?